Alaster from Megapion

Alaster from Megapion is one of the Strategii of Alexos “The Wolf”. Alaster is from the city of Megapion across the sea of Nera in the south-west corner of the Realm of Eros.

As one of the Strategii of Alexos, he is responsible for providing Alexos with correct information and commanding a legion of soldiers from Eros’s Southern army.

Alaster is also an excellent swordsman, but he comes into his own better as a deviser of major strategies or devising complex supply lines.

Alaster from Megapion


Alaster was born in the year 182 in the city of Megapion, as son of Peletor “The Watchful”, the ruling magistrate of Megapion.

Alaster was an inquisitive boy from birth. He was known in the army as a quiet commander who could calm the more hot-headed officers from Eros. In addition, Alster is also one of the Strategii of the Dictator Alexos “the Wolf” together with Graius “the Golden”, with whom he also maintains a good relationship.

Alaster decided not to go along with Emperor Lysander’s campaign to Tellaria in the year 218, instead he decided to stay in Eros with his immediate supervisor Alexos in order to supervise the annual feast of the Euphoria of Euanthia.


Alaster is a middle-aged man with a strong build. Because he was born across the Sea of Nera he has a blacker skin color.

Alaster is also a learned man and knows a lot about the entire realm and the continent of Aurea as a whole thanks to his good upbringing in Megapion as the son of the ruling magistrate of the city.

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