Babak The Boss

Babak “The Boss” is a kingpin in the dirty streets of Jagrad. From his headquarters in Munra Street he rules the poor in the Deeps.

He found his demise at the hands of Ring “The Thief” and Mehrana “The Silent”, two notorious members of the just founded Night’s Cult, in the year 212.

Babak The Boss


Babak was born in the squalid slums of the city of Jerit in the deep south of the Empire of Jagrad in the year 162. In Jerit Babak was just a simple thief and crook, and he spent most of his days on the dirty streets of Jerit. Because of his menace looks he was soon hired by one of the goblin mine owners of Bunan to protect his mine from lurking eyes of outsiders. Babak was so good at his job that he was soon promoted to overseer of the mine.

In this capacity, he once had words with a young lad who refused to leave the mine grounds. Babak, being Babak, decided to teach the boy a lesson. Babak pushed the boy so hard that he fell backwards and broke his neck, resulting in the boy’s death. Babak just didn’t know that he had killed the son of one of the most powerful men in all Jerit. Even his goblin boss couldn’t protect him anymore and Babak was forced to flee headlong. Babak decided to flee to the north and finally came to the city of Adan-Maduk: Jagrad.

Babak was murdered in the aftermath of the assault on Munra Street by Ring “The Thief” and Mehrana “The Silent” in the year 212. After his murder his organization quickly dissolved and many of his former henchmen joined the Night’s Cult. The Deeps, the poor district of Jagrad, was now under strict control of Selene “The Night’s Mistress” and other Children of the Moon.


Babak “The Boss” is an imposing tall man who often uses his height and weight to gain the upper hand in conversations. In addition, his face is also battered with scars by the many fights in which he used to participate when he was younger.

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