Bhazrod from Jagrad

Bhazrod from Jagrad has worked for years as one of the assistants of the great king of the Jagradian Empire and had direct access to the palace. Bhazrod was one of the king’s most valuable allies in Jagrad. Thanks to his personal network in the city, Bhazrod was aware of everything that happened in the city.

Bhazrot Jagrad illustration


Bhazrod from Jagrad was born an unwanted child in a world full of violence and aggression. After losing his parents at a young age, the streets of Jagrad taught him much-needed lessons. Bhazrod was soon known as a sadistic fighter who was not afraid of anyone. After he appeared on the radar of the King, he soon got a job as a palace guard. There too he excelled in his former passion: hurting innocent people.


Bhazrod is a fat, bald man. Bhazrod is also recognizable by its lighter skin tone, something that is very unusual in Jagrad.


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