Graius The Golden

Graius “The Golden” is one of the top Strategii of Alexos “The Wolf”.  He was born in 179 in the city of Eros in the famous Rovia family.

Graius the Golden illustration


Graius “The Golden” was born in Eros in the year 179 in the famous and rich Rovia family. The Rovia family is originally from the Westlands but is now a leading family in Eros. They own several merchant ships and other companies in the City of Eros but are also very influential in the city of Phoclyos where they originally come from. Graius is named after his great-uncle Graius “The Stupid”.

He studied at the Militium Aurumnus school in Eros and was one of the top students of his year. He quickly grew in rank in the Southern army of Eros under the commandship of Alexos “The Wolf”. He also became a personal friend and advisor to aforementioned. Thanks to his outstanding qualities, Alexos named him one of his Strategii, an advisor to the Dictator of one of the armies of the Realm of Eros.

Graius is one of the only commanders granted with the permission to wear weapons in the Senate building for his friendship with the leading Senators. This right is a special right as ordinary soldiers are not allowed to carry weapons in the senate building.

Graius is also famously known for his excellent use of the Phalanx formation which he perfected. In this formation all soldiers stand shoulder to shoulder with their spears forward. This massive block of raw power has already made many enemies flee in absolute terror. Graius was also one of the advocates of extending the length of the spears of the vanguard soldiers. Under his command, the average length of a spear has grown from 2 meters to 2.5 meters.

Graius currently follows Emperor Lysander II with his grand army in Emperor Lysander’s campaign in Tellaria to eradicate the Nikta warbands that plague the villages and towns around the Great Wooden wall of Phoclyos. Because Alexos stayed in Eros in defense of the city, Graius was given control of most of the southern army.


Graius is a handsome tall man. In addition, Graius is not only known for his excellent fighting skills, but also for his impressive speaking skills.


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