Raptara the Brother

Raptara is one of the dangerous members of the group of assassins known as “the Scorpions of Nusra”. He is the older brother of Zarghana “the Assassin”.

Raptara the Brother Illustration


Raptara was born in Armurad in the Empire of Jagrad. He was born as the older brother of Zarghana “The Assassin”.

One day, Raptara decided to steal food from the temple of Armurad, but he was caught. Just as he was about to be punished by one of the old warlocks of Armurad, Zarghana pushed the old man off the temple, killing the man.

The guards quickly arrived and grabbed Zarghana and Raptara. As punishment, they were sold to a group of slave traders heading to the Tell cities in the south.

After several weeks, just a few miles from the city of Jagrad, the group was attacked in the night by a group of assassins called “the Scorpions of Nusra”. All slave traders were killed except Raptara and Zarghana. They were given the choice to join the Scorpions or suffer the same fate as the slave traders lying on the ground besides them, choking in their own blood.

From that day on, Zarghana and her brother Raptara were trained in the secret skills of the Scorpions.

Raptara represents the power of the mighty scorpions pincers. With his pure strength he is a fearsome killer in the night.


Raptara looks like a tall, handsome, quiet man at first glance, but behind this mask is a true narcissist. Raptara is also an expert in Jagradian fighting.

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