Theia The Traitor

Theia “The Traitor” or Theia “The High Priestess” is the current High-Priestess of Aur in the City of Eros.

She is known in the Realm of Eros as one of the stronger sorceresses. Her focus is mainly on using magic to heal people, or in extreme cases the use of defensive magic.

Theia The Traitor Illustration


Theia “The Traitor” was born in the year 175 in the City of Eros in a aristocratic family. It was immediately clear when she was born that she had many magical powers at her disposal. It was after her birth that her blind grandfather held her for the first time, and indeed it seemed the power of the gods themselves: his sight returned.

Theia was immediately chosen to become one of the Acolytes of the Acropolis. She spent her days learning spells and ways to use the magic. Theia was in the same class of Acolytes as Xiopeneia, Themesa, Yleia and Lysis, whom she saw as her friends – although she was the youngest of the group and was sometimes looked down upon by the other Acolytes. Their teacher was the praised and wise Selene, the most likely successor at this moment to the role of high priestess of Aur in the Realm of Eros. As expected, in the year 187, with a landslide, Selene was elected the new Highest Priestess of Aur by the other High Priests from across the Realm.

After the banishing of Selene in the year 196, and the capturing of her other Acolytes, it was Theia who was left as the only Acolyte on the Akropolis, thats why she was automatically promoted to become the new High Priestess of Aur.

It was at the advice of Theia that Herculon II decided in the year 199 to the Council on the use of magic in the region of Helissia. After the end of the Nemisian Civil War, a period of respective peace had broken out in the Realm, only contested by small groups of magic users who plagued the countryside. Herculon wanted to put an end to this and decided on laws to curtail the use of attacking magic.

It was Theia who advised him to call on the magic schools, which were located in every major city in Hellisia, to change their curricula. Theia’s experience with Selene and her Acolytes gave her the insight that mere mortal humans are not able to have such a power for themselves. Opposing these new rules and regislations was Eridius “The Protector of Cadma”, the grand Protector of the city of Cadma. He voted against this rules and laws in the shadow of the upcoming power in the east: The Empire of Jagrad, were magic abilities were not only teached, but much more promoted. The Councel decided in favor of emperor Herculon, and in his wake Theia and his oldest son Lysander II. The use of attack magic was prohibited in the entire Realm, with only a few exceptions – the teachings at the schools of Cadma being one of them.

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